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Are you a job-seeker struggling to get noticed on Indeed? Indeed is a hugely successful job-hunting platform, with thousands of job postings and millions of users. Although it makes applying for jobs easier, there’s often stiff competition for positions, which may be resulting in low response rates. To increase your chances of landing that dream job, you need to optimize your applications on Indeed and explore alternative ways of reaching potential employers, such as applying directly through a company’s website. This blog post will provide you with a content strategy designed to help you boost your application response rate on Indeed, and discuss the advantages of direct applications.

To begin with, it’s essential to acknowledge that landing a job today is a competitive, often challenging process. Recruiters receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for the same job posting, and yours needs to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, since many job applicants employ platforms such as Indeed, it is all the more important to ensure your application is top-notch.

The first part of our content strategy will focus on optimizing your Indeed application. This involves crafting an impressive resume and cover letter, as well as following up on your application with the recruiter. Once your Indeed application is in the best possible shape, we’ll dive into the benefits of applying directly through a company’s website.

Applying directly can signal that you are genuinely interested in joining that specific company, thereby increasing your application’s appeal. Moreover, direct applications might allow you to bypass stringent screening processes and increase the likelihood of your resume landing in the hands of the right person. However, to make the most of this alternative application method, it is essential to customize your application and research the company beforehand.

Our content strategy will detail the steps you need to take in order to create a successful application via company websites, as well as discuss the importance of balancing both Indeed and direct applications for the best possible result. So, let’s dive in and get you ready to land that coveted job!

Optimizing Your Indeed Application

Creating a Well-Crafted Resume

The first step in optimizing your Indeed application is to create a well-crafted resume. Employers often only spend a few seconds reviewing each resume, so yours needs to make an instant impression. To achieve this, ensure that your resume highlights your most relevant experience and skills, is formatted and designed professionally, and is customized for each job application.

Start by listing your previous positions in reverse chronological order, featuring job titles, company names, locations, and employment dates. Focus on quantifiable achievements and responsibilities, such as “increased sales by 30%” or “managed a team of 10.” Next, include a dedicated skills section, demonstrating your proficiency in relevant software or machinery, language fluency, or industry-specific certifications.

Proper formatting is vital for readability and professionalism. Utilize a clean and easily readable font like Arial or Calibri, and avoid decorative or cursive fonts. Keep margins and line spacing consistent, while using bold text or headers for section differentiation. Bullet points can also be useful for organizing information in an easily digestible format. Regularly update and adjust your resume to suit the job description and requirements for each application.

Crafting an Effective Cover Letter

An engaging cover letter can significantly increase the chances of an employer taking notice of your application. Begin by addressing your cover letter to the specific recruiter or hiring manager, if their name is available. If not, consider using generic salutations like “Dear Hiring Manager,” avoiding overly casual greetings. Next, demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company and job opening. Explain why you are passionate about the industry and draw attention to any connections you may have, such as a current employee referral or prior experience with the company’s products or services.

Proceed to highlight your skills and experiences that directly relate to the job requirements. This is your chance to elaborate on specific achievements from your resume, bringing them to life with anecdotes or quantifiable outcomes. Conclude by expressing gratitude for the reader’s time, providing your contact information, and inviting further conversation or inquiry.

Following Up on Your Application

Waiting patiently for a response can be difficult, but sometimes taking the initiative to follow up can produce favorable results. Approximately one to two weeks after submitting your application, consider sending a polite email to the recruiter expressing your continued interest in the position and inquiring about potential next steps. This can serve as a gentle reminder of your application and convey your motivation and determination.

Benefits of Applying Directly on a Company’s Website

Showing Genuine Interest in the Company

Applying directly on a company’s website can demonstrate your genuine interest in the organization and the role you’re seeking. Doing so indicates that you’ve taken the time to research the company and thoughtfully prepared your application. This can make a significant difference in setting you apart from the competition and increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Avoiding Competition and Standing Out from Other Applicants

Applying directly through a company’s website may grant you access to job opportunities that are not posted on major job platforms, giving you a competitive edge. Your application may also receive more attention from recruiters on a company’s website, as there might be fewer applicants to compete with, increasing your chances of standing out and securing an interview.

Ensuring Your Application Reaches the Right Person

Applying through a company’s website often means your application will go directly to the HR department or hiring manager, increasing the likelihood that the appropriate party reviews your resume. This can be beneficial compared to submitting your application through a broad job-hunting platform like Indeed, where your resume may simply join a vast pool of other applicants.

Tips for Successful Applications on Company Websites

Researching the Company

Before starting your application, take the time to research the company thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with the company’s history, products, services, mission, and values. This information can help you tailor your cover letter and resume to emphasize the qualities and skills the employer is seeking. Demonstrating your knowledge of the company will also show your motivation and dedication, which can significantly enhance your application’s impact.

Tailoring your Application

Just as with your Indeed application, customize your cover letter and resume for each company you apply to. Use the research you conducted earlier to address specific company needs, challenges, or goals. Showcase how your skills or experience align with the company’s values, vision, and industry. By displaying genuine interest in the company, you can create a stronger connection with the reader.

Following the Right Application Procedure

Carefully review the company’s application instructions to ensure you follow the correct procedure. If there are forms to be filled out or specific documents to be submitted, ensure you complete these tasks in a timely and accurate manner. Providing all necessary information and following guidelines diligently will demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail, adding credibility to your application.


In today’s competitive job market, finding easy hustles to make quick cash starts by optimizing your applications on Indeed and applying directly through company websites. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this blog post, you can create compelling applications that stand out to recruiters and employers alike. Remember to put effort into crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, customize your applications, research each company, and follow up on your submissions. Partner with Always Working today to get started. Good luck on your job search journey!

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