8 Part Time Jobs Near Me Always Hiring​

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These 8 companies are always hiring for flexible job roles, part time jobs, side jobs and full time jobs.  Apply ASAP.

Best Part-Time Jobs Near Me

Looking for a part-time job that you can start quickly and offers great perks? Here are eight legit companies always hiring in 2024, offering good pay, remote options, and valuable experience.


1. Conduent

Positions Available: Customer Service, Support, Tech Support, Sales  

Perks: Good pay, remote options  

Website: Conduent Careers

Part Time Jobs Near Me


2. Foundever

Positions Available: Various positions, no experience needed  

Perks: Easy start, flexible opportunities  

Website: Foundever Jobs

Part Time Jobs Near Me


3. TTec Jobs

Positions Available: Tech support, health insurance, customer service, and more  

Perks: Group interviews, diverse job roles  

Website: TTec Jobs 

Part Time Jobs Near Me


4. Working Solutions

Positions Available: AI Agents, Customer Service Agents, and more  

Perks: Make your own schedule, fast hiring process  

Website: Working Solutions Jobs 

Part Time Jobs Near Me


5. Alorica

Positions Available: Healthcare Customer Service, Medical Customer Support, Sales, and more  

Perks: Easy qualifications, remote work  

Website: Alorica Careers 

Part Time Jobs Near Me


6. Nex Rep

Positions Available: Customer Service Agents  

Perks: Flexible schedule, easy start  

Website: Nex Rep Agents 

Part Time Jobs Near Me


7. ModSquad

Positions Available: Content Writer, Marketing, Customer Support, Chat Support, and more  

Perks: Remote work, check back for US opportunities  

Website: Join the Mods 

Part Time Jobs Near Me


8. Williams Sinova

Positions Available: Customer Support, Retail Sales  

Perks:  Full-time, part-time, seasonal opportunities, internships  

Website: Williams Sinova Jobs 

Part Time Jobs Near Me

Flexible Jobs at your Finger Tips

To maximize your success in finding flexible part-time jobs, consider using online marketplaces or career hubs such as AlwaysWorking.co, Indeed.com, and Upwork.com. Here are some tips:

AlwaysWorking.co: Look for remote and flexible job listings that match your skill set.

Indeed.com: Use filters to search specifically for part-time and remote jobs. Set up job alerts to be notified when new opportunities arise.

Upwork.com: Create a compelling profile showcasing your skills and experience. Apply to a variety of freelance gigs to build your portfolio and reputation.


By utilizing these platforms and staying proactive in your job search, you can find a part-time position that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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