The coronavirus has been the bane of the existence of some businesses, shutting some down before they have even had the time to lift operations to their desired stage. In some countries, unprecedented percentages of job losses are being recorded especially as the end is not in sight to this pandemic.

It is however not all bad news as there is an increase in demand in some industries even amidst the pandemic and yes, your guess is good, the health industry is one of those where there is a surge in demand for workers. Undoubtedly, the coronavirus will have utter effects on the economy of every affected nation as well as the percentage of the available jobs.

While most companies like restaurants, hotels and some retailers have had to lay off workers in the light of social distancing and remote working (which has drastically reduced the number of persons they cater to), one can reasonably expect that there would be a surge in the demand for workers after the pandemic.

It is a no brainer that people who have been starved of human interaction for so long are longing for the end of the pandemic and would be out with full force when an end is announced to the pandemic, creating a cycle for the hospitality industry and other industries alike to benefit from.

While businesses are trying to find ways to stay afloat at these times, one sure thing is that the conventional way of doing business would no longer be the order of the day. Companies are already embracing remote working and are moving parts of their businesses to the internet, factors that are bound to make companies require professional hands to manage new phases of their business that would be borne from experiences gained during the pandemic.

So, are you a job seeker? Get your resume/CV ready, there may be a surge in hiring after the pandemic.