There will always come a time when you feel bored and look for something new in your chosen career path. Sometimes, a career change will solve that, but the shift does not have to be too drastic most of the time. A new role in the same field will renew your excitement in your work, organization, and company. 

Marketing as a field is already a complex topic, and finding one’s way in this diverse and highly competitive environment can be discouraging. If you want to survive in this industry, you must find ways to thrive. A marketer wanting to advance in their field should go through the following steps to move forward:

1. Make a self-evaluation

Progress in a career always means a new set of responsibilities. While it can be nerve-wracking, it is part of the growth process. Before you commit to another function and ask for additional responsibilities, do a self-check first. Assess if you are ready to face the change in all aspects. Here are some helpful signs that you are prepared to take on the challenge:

  • You can say that you have mastered your current job and you are confident about it. 
  • There are no more internal resources for your current role like promotion, training, or any other activities that will keep your career moving forward. 
  • You have the hunger to learn new knowledge and gain more experience in your chosen career.

2. Examine your annual evaluation

Besides personal assessment, it is important to consider the team’s or your manager’s thoughts on your performance. If you know you have been doing well, and your manager sees it, you will have the confidence to handle a bigger role. Believe in yourself and use the evaluation results when planning your future career path with your manager. 

3. Identify gaps in your team and use them to your advantage

If there are no current career opportunities available for you, find or make one. After self-evaluation, do a team assessment and identify the hiccups you experience. No team is perfect. Those little drawbacks that your department faces can be an opportunity for growth for you and the whole team. If you believe that you have a solution for these hurdles, speak up about them. 

People in your organization will appreciate any initiative that aims to improve the company’s work and processes. Set a meeting with your manager and pitch your idea. Make them see how promoting you can make a positive difference in the whole organization. Doing this will set you apart from the rest of your colleagues.

4. Be more involved

The moment you start to become actively involved with your company is when you begin to learn and grow, particularly towards the steps that will lead you to your end goal. Nothing will happen if you will just stay in your place and have no initiative to see your career’s bigger picture. 

Take this opportunity to build a better relationship with your manager or the people you look up to as mentors. Observe how they work and how differently they see things. Take note of what you learn from them and prepare yourself in the process. That way, you can evaluate if your desired position is something you do want for yourself. 

Aside from all the personal benefits, use this moment to show them what you got. The more exposure you have, and the better they see your potential, the higher your chances of getting considered for the role. 


Marketing is a sea of competition. If you want to stay in the field and excel as a marketer, you need to step up your game time after time. If you think advancement in your career is what you need right now, consider the four tips we have provided for you. Remember that you have the power to influence what will happen in the future. 

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