In today’s busy world where people are always on the go, there is a growing need to take action and do more to earn money for a rainy day, all while having the freedom to work on your dreams outside the office. That’s why more people are going for side hustles amidst all the chaos and hectic schedules, mainly since it’s a part-time career that allows you to be your boss at home. 

Beyond having more to your pocket to pay the bills, side hustles are often the bread and butter for the soul, one that supplements your income and sates your passions. It’s a viable option for millions of Americans who need to earn and unwind simultaneously. Still, the most practical reason that pushes thousands to hunt for a gig is that it helps people stay afloat in this year’s economic downturn. 

How does a Side Hustle Work?

Whether you need extra moolah for your future goals or want to test the entrepreneurial waters without quitting your full-time career, side hustles pave the way for you to explore your ideas and passions. 

It often involves freelance jobs that are either on-call or contractual. However, some creatives or makers use this opportunity to build a unique brand without compromising a stable nine-to-five job. 

Either way, 28 percent of Americans pursuing side hustles agree that it is a fulfilling path that can help people thrive from an otherwise low-paying work. Thirty-nine percent believe that managing multiple income streams is on the horizon, particularly in the following booming side hustles this 2020.

Exploring Popular Side Hustles in 2020

  • Buying and selling online handicrafts online;
  • Teaching online courses;
  • Tutoring;
  • Freelance photography;
  • Selling baked goods or home-cooked meals;
  • Providing delivery services;
  • Creative careers for frustrated painters, graphic designers, writers, musicians, and other forms of entertainers;
  • Survey taking; 
  • House cleaning; 
  • Brand ambassador; 
  • Pet sitting;
  • Marketing;
  • Consulting;
  • Programming;

The jobs mentioned above are just some of the massive opportunities you can delve into for your side hustle. When it comes to working for your dreams, the world is your oyster.

The Bottom Line: Getting Lucrative Side Gigs for People on the Go 

People in this fast-paced landscape have a growing need to add more purpose and fulfillment in life. That’s why side hustles are skyrocketing in the modern workforce, and while the reasons for clocking in at a different work after your nine-to-five varies, most can agree that it all boils down to the flexibility you don’t usually have with your day job.

How Can We Help?

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