LinkedIn profiles exist much like how your social profiles do—however, they’re easier to ignore, especially when you’re not on the brink of starting a marketing career or looking for a new job. You add people you meet during events and accept connection requests from clients, but other than that, your profile’s pretty much just existing.

It may not seem like much today, but leaving your LinkedIn profile to merely gather dust will keep you from finding excellent opportunities—or rather, keep good opportunities from finding you. A recruiter from your dream job may be looking for you, but without much on your profile, there you can easily be overlooked.

To ensure that the shining beacon of career light always finds you and your skillset, here’s everything you need to consider when rehauling your LinkedIn profile for the better:

#1: Dedicate the time to make it worthwhile

All the best things in life require some work and effort, and the same holds true for your LinkedIn profile. You’ll need the time to complete it, as this ups the chances of recruiters finding you. Upon completion, bear in mind that you will now be visible to plenty of opportunities—in other words, you need to make their time satisfactory.

Their interest in your profile should send them into a history of your skills, your previous companies, and how you present yourself. That said, make sure to fill out every single section of your profile—don’t leave any stone unturned!

#2: Optimize your skills

Working in the field of marketing, you likely understand the power of optimization like the back of your hand. LinkedIn banks on this concept as well—the more keywords you use, the better you get found in the search results on LinkedIn. Recruiters make use of keywords every single day, so you need to make sure that they find you.

Begin with your skill—even if you leave the rest of your profile blank, having a good set of skills up on your LinkedIn profile will allow your name to come up at the results pages. Remember to employ the rules of SEO, however—keep your content organic and don’t spam keywords!

#3: Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn is a social site—as such, you’ll need to get the good graces of people you know and want to know, so don’t hesitate to connect with them. Subsequently, don’t hesitate to accept requests from people wishing to do the same thing! Doing so provides you with a network like no other, such as groups.

Industry-related groups are targeted by companies looking to hire the best and potential talent, but it’s not enough to remain a member. Make sure you stand out from the crowd by becoming an active participant, which then signals a competitive edge—you’re on your way to becoming an industry leader. With that much exposure, companies far and wide will be looking to connect with you!

Stay Open to Opportunities

You may enjoy your current job now, but it doesn’t mean that it will be your end goal. There’s plenty of options and opportunities out there waiting for you. All you need to do is take the next step and dive in. Your next significant role is in your hands, and in many cases, in your LinkedIn profile. Get started today and make the most of your career path!

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