The most significant change in the workforce during the pandemic is that almost all industries and businesses have shifted to digitizing operations. And because of this, countless employees have adapted to working remotely.

Unfortunately, another change that the pandemic has brought was that companies needed to let some people go. And for this reason, many people are experiencing the pressure of the job search process and its challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the job-seeking hurdles people encounter are hiring freezes, unexpected layoffs, companies closing, and stalled economic recovery. With these issues, it’s understandable that you feel disheartened and frustrated about remaining unemployed. 

Fortunately, there are still ways to look for jobs, especially since everyone has shifted to digital platforms, and social media presence is apparent more than ever. Some companies are hiring more through job websites or LinkedIn profiles, which has ultimately uplifted hiring issues.

If you’re still looking for a job during this pandemic, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share with you our guide to finding jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s get to it!

Keep sending and applying for jobs

Because of the global pandemic, industries and businesses are experiencing a crisis and economic downfall, and with that, organizations are cost-cutting. Thus, hiring isn’t the company’s priority, and people who applied for positions in these companies won’t be hearing back from them any time soon. 

Despite this challenge, you shouldn’t stop your job search and just keep going because you will eventually find an apt fit. And while you’re searching for jobs, you can even enhance your skills by enrolling in online classes so that when you land that interview, you can easily impress the recruiter.

Find better opportunities through networking

Before the pandemic, people connect through events and industry get-togethers, and usually, in these situations, you’ll be able to build your network. However, because of the pandemic, public gatherings and events are canceled, and the best way to build your network is online. 

Through networking, you’ll be able to find opportunities such as jobs and projects. You can do this by engaging with recruiters and companies online and striking conversations that will help you refine your skills as you ask pivotal questions. Curiosity, initiative, and enthusiasm attract recruiters, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Optimize personal marketing to build a strong profile

A job-seeking element that you should always have is an updated and strong resume. The great thing about shifting to digital platforms is that job search websites, such as Always Working, can help you create and optimize your resume, increasing your chances of finding a job best suitable for you. 

Aside from your resume, make sure that you have a positive online presence and market yourself properly. You can do this by being more active on social media and producing relevant content for recruiters to notice you.


Being in the middle of a global pandemic is incredibly difficult, especially if you’re on the hunt for a job. However, no matter how frustrating it can get, following our tips will make your job search much easier. By enhancing your skill, optimizing your profile, continuously applying for jobs, and signing up on job search websites, like Always Working, you’ll eventually find the right job for you at the right time.

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