Negotiating a salary is always a slightly sensitive topic that many people struggle with raising to the HR department or management. These fears and hesitations are doubly pronounced during the pandemic, as businesses struggle with economic uncertainty and negotiating for your salary might seem a bit inappropriate. Although the current state of things might not guarantee you the higher salary that you’re aiming for, it’s not impossible to raise that up, and it’s still worth a shot if done right. 

Here are some practical tips on how to negotiate for your salary during the economic crisis of the pandemic. 

Bring a little something extra unique to the table

Recruiters and hiring managers are much stricter with qualifications these days. If your CV shows that you check all the role qualifications but not much else, then don’t expect a higher than average salary. 

However, if you can show them value beyond the job description, particularly skills that are useful for online work settings, they’ll be more amenable to granting you even a slightly higher rate. 

Candidates usually get plus points for bringing a little something extra to the table, even if it’s not a hard skill, so keep that in mind!

Don’t negotiate the salary alone

Many people think that the only way to increase what they are currently earning from a company is by asking for a higher basic salary. There are many other ways that you can negotiate for a better compensation package overall. 

Employers might be more willing to discuss changes to your benefits, such as more flexible hours and time off, allowances, and training opportunities. Proposing favorable options for both you and the employer might be easier to achieve, such as a work from home arrangement.

Time it properly

While a salary adjustment during economically tumultuous times may not lead to the best outcome, it doesn’t stop you from achieving milestones in your role that may merit a salary increase later on. It not only shows your willingness to prove yourself but initiative as well. 

Map out a detailed plan of your targets over the next year or two. Try to negotiate increases in salary or benefits depending on how you perform given those goals. 

Express your appreciation and loyalty to the company

Given how expensive it is to hire and train new employees, employers highly value commitment. Although some companies value tenure more than others, an employee’s dedication will always be viewed positively by HR and management. Sticking it out in your current role, even with a delayed possibility of a salary increase, will put you in a favorable light when the tide turns for the company. 

Good businesses tend to reward loyal employees well, especially if they’ve contributed to the company significantly during difficult times. 

Apply for a higher position

One of the more ambitious moves is to apply for a managerial or higher position. This is particularly true if the organization has had to hold off on their hiring for higher positions, which typically cost more. 

Promoting someone is a near equivalent of hiring in-house, which is a much more affordable option for the company. It’s also a great opportunity for anybody qualified to apply for the higher pay grade and career advancement. 

Consider the higher role you’re applying for, and then make a strong case for it supported by previous achievements and experiences. Show them why your current performance demands this position title and the higher salary that goes with it.


Asking for a higher salary can be intimidating, and rightly so, especially during a time of economic crisis. A tricky conversation becomes even trickier with the arrival of COVID-19 in the workplace. By asking properly, however, you might just be able to get that raise or set yourself up for one in the future. There’s no way of knowing with certainty when these tough times will end, but employers who see their employees working hard despite it all are more than likely to reward them when the time comes. 

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