COVID-19 is a battle that the world is currently facing. When physical distancing was implemented, and people were asked to stay in their homes, it became essential for companies and other organizations to impose a virtual work setup. Human resources and employees were expected to follow the same approach. For that reason, job seekers and job providers learned to engage in a virtual interview process.

What Is a Virtual Interview?

A virtual interview is an interview that happens remotely. Sometimes it takes place over the phone, but it is often through video conferencing and other online communication platforms. A virtual interview is just like how a face to face interview takes place. 

6 Tips for a Successful Interview Online

If you have applied for an online job and have received an invite for a virtual interview, here are some tips that can help turn your interview into a success: 

#1 Always Do a Tech Check

All virtual interviews require gadgets and tools. You need to have a camera, a microphone, a reliable internet connection, and a software program such as Google Hangouts or Zoom. A day before your interview, make sure that everything is updated and working properly.

  • Ensure that your microphone and camera are working.
  • Make sure that your internet connection is reliable enough to sustain video streaming.
  • See to it that your computer meets the technical specifications of every software you need.

Perform the same checks 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled interview. Sign in to the meeting room provided by the HR representative, turn on the sound and camera, and secure that everything works well. 

#2 Find the right location

Your interview should ideally be in a quiet spot in your home, with few to no distractions. Choose a clean and professional-looking room in the house. That way, the interviewer will not be distracted by anything and focus on you. Avoid placing your laptop on your lap or couch. Instead, put it on a table or desk to appear more professional. Make sure that you inform other people in the house and ask them to keep quiet during your interview. If you have pets, consider moving them to another room to avoid distractions.

#3 Wear the Right Clothes

Just because your interview is happening at home does not mean it is not as formal and as important as a face to face interview. Make sure to wear professional attire the same way you would in a regular interview. Doing so will give the impression that you are confident and prepared and are taking the job seriously. 

#4 Come prepared

All interviewees succeed with enough preparation. Here are the things you can do to make sure to are ready for any questions you will encounter:

  • Do your research on the typical questions in an interview and prepare your answers in advance. 
  • Put together your list of relevant achievements and experiences to reiterate your capability to perform the job. 
  • Do not forget to research about the company and job you are applying for. List down any questions and clarifications you have about the company and the role. 

#5 Be professional and build rapport

A video or phone call also has its limitations, but try your best to remain professional at all times. For example, if there is a question that surprises you, make sure you pause and keep your poise while collecting your thoughts. Sit straight and make sure that the camera is at eye level, with your head in the middle of the screen. 

Building a personal connection with your interviewer always helps. Make sure to show enthusiasm, maintain eye contact, smile, and be careful with your body language. 

#6 Follow up at the right time

Consider sending a follow-up email one day after your interview to thank the interviewer for their time and let them know that you are available for any other questions. Being proactive will help them remember you more.


An online job is the safest way for you to survive this pandemic. With many people looking for work at this crucial time, you must do your best in whatever interview you get invited to. If you manage to secure an online job interview, follow our tips above for a successful job hunt.

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