The experience of looking for a job varies for different people. Some are lucky enough to get immediate work when they need one, while others need to work harder to earn a company’s trust. 

While luck may differ for many people, nothing beats preparing and working hard to get the job you need and want! Whether you are a first-time applicant looking for a work opportunity or an employed individual finding other work possibilities, here are some tips that can make the job-hunting process easier for you:

Tip 1: Use Your Connections

Unless you want to keep your job hunting a secret, tell everyone you are looking for a job. It is the best and easiest way you can do to land some available opportunities. Sometimes, other people only need to know that you are looking for one before the options reach you!

Ask your network, especially those in the fields you are interested in, if they have work vacancies. If you do not ask, then you will not get an answer—after all, you will not lose anything in the process of asking! So, be confident and message that important connection now. 

You can also announce your need for a job in other ways. For example, you can update your LinkedIn profile and change your status to “actively looking for work” to let the companies know you are openly looking.

Tip 2: Determine Your Strengths and Use It to Your Advantage

You can speed up your job-hunting process by considering your skillset. This tip is essential for beginners and still useful for experienced individuals. 

If you do not know how and where to start, figure out what you know you can do best or the field you know you can contribute the most. You can start looking up opportunities for these categories. Search for companies to inquire about or job ads related to your skills.  

Also, make sure to highlight these strengths in your resume, so companies will notice and contact you right away. 

Tip 3: Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes, you will apply for many positions only to end up with no response from any. Do not take this circumstance personally; it happens for many reasons, most of which you can’t change! 

Instead, focus on what you can do. You can send a follow-up email or make a call to ensure that they received your application. If you still do not get any feedback, move forward, and apply some more—the right job will eventually find you.

Tip 4: Be Keen on Qualifications

One thing that slows down the hiring process for some companies is the fact that applicants do not consider the enumerated qualifications that the company desires. If the company knows that your skills will not benefit them, they will prioritize other candidates! Applying for a position that you have a small chance of grabbing may also be a waste of time for you. Instead of wasting your effort on a job you can’t handle, focus on what you can do for now. 

If you want to explore work from another field, then invest in getting the necessary skills first.

Top 5: Find the Most Efficient Way

The internet has provided many ways for you to secure a job. Now, you have various job-hunting sites you can explore! Find the best recruitment site that you trust and send out some applications to jobs that interest you—just keep your options open, and don’t drop the effort!


Finding a job is a mix of hard work, determination, and luck. If you know how to draft your resume well, how to sell yourself, and the right places to look for an opportunity, you will have more chances of getting hired fast. Consider these five tips to help speed up your job search!

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