With job layoffs happening more frequently in both public and private sectors of the economy, arming oneself with diversity or versatility in knowledge, skills,or abilities is one way of keeping yourself afloat regardless of which end of the employment line you are. This acts as a safety net as it not just beautifies your CV but also increases your leverage when seeking for a job. This bundle of tips aim at highlighting 5 of these skills or abilities that can increase your potentials as you seek to build a lasting career in the coming year.
Let’s face it, the advancements of technology are ridding more people of their jobs and this curve will only go higher in the coming years unless humanity increases their digital skills. Robots can only achieve so much, hence by acquiring skills like virtual assistance, content management/marketing, social media management, web design,and lots more, you become indispensable as you’re increasing the career options available to you.
Companies never lay off people they see as assets and most of these assets contribute to the increase of said company’s financial returns. Hence, to solidify your stake and increase your career potentials, it wouldn’t hurt to acquire a few financial skills. These skills could be in variance analysis and forecasting, strategic initiatives, budget preparations,etc.
Having phenomenal communication skills will only increase your odds career-wise. These skills could birth careers in customer service, networking, negotiations, public speaking, and lots more. These skills include listening, emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, etc. and they come in very handy in most careers.
In this day and age, uniqueness is in high demand. The ability to think outside the box and procure solutions to problems is needed in every firm worldwide. As much as creativity is in-depth, it takes skills like critical thinking, curiosity, open-mindedness, discipline,and hard work for it to flourish.
As much as worker bees are important to the hive, being the queen does come with its great set of responsibilities. In essence, developing leadership skills will set you apart from your peers. These skills include qualities like integrity, dependability, decisiveness, relationship/team building, etc. By having these skills you’ll be considered for career opportunities that demand it .By acquiring these skills and developing these qualities, you will be highly sought after as an asset in any job and you can, therefore,create a lasting career from it. To find out more, do visit  our Always Working Jobs Finder.