Competing in the job market has never been an easy endeavor. You have to constantly demonstrate your abilities, improve your skills, and find ways to stand out among others. Unfortunately, with the ongoing pandemic and massive unemployment, this may have become even more difficult. 

On that note, you should remember that you can’t find the best opportunities on your own. While your skills and experience are indeed important, the success of your job search in Atlanta, GA also depends on your network. You may not realize it, but your connections can be great sources of fresh opportunities for you. 

With that, here are some tips you can follow to build a thriving network, stay relevant in the job market, and get your career back on track: 

1. Put Yourself Out There 

If you are new to networking, you should know that you will naturally start with nothing—which is totally fine! However, this is why you must strive to put yourself out there and work on building your network. 

One practical way to do this is by leveraging your current connections. You may ask them to introduce you to another professional or an open opportunity. 

There’s nothing embarrassing in doing this; in reality, you must be as transparent as possible about seeking work opportunities. Reach out to an extensive list of contacts, cast a wide net, and be persistent with your job search. All of these efforts will surely lead you to people who have both the heart and the means to help you. 

2. Be Willing to Give and Receive Help 

Aside from asking your connections from help, remember that you must be willing to lend your expertise as well. 

Rather than simply asking around for a networking call, you may also offer others information that they may find useful. You may also give them your honest feedback on something they posted on their profile recently. 

If you want to build fruitful connections, you have to remember that they are essentially give-and-take relationships. You must not be at the receiving end all the time. 

3. Stay Connected, Even When Not in Need

It’s easy to reach out to your network, especially when you’re desperately looking for a job. Sometimes, you may even make it a point to reply to their messages promptly and keep the conversation going. 

However, it pays to remember that staying in touch with your connections is proper and smart—even more so when you do not need anything from them. You may check in on them regularly or even share an interesting article. These seemingly small efforts will help you strengthen your relationships with your network. 

4. Stay Motivated 

The situation around the world can be indeed discouraging, especially if you are yet to land a job. However, you must strive to stay optimistic and keep your momentum. You have to be persistent with reaching out to professionals, even if you do not hear back from them right away. Follow up on your email or message at least twice or thrice before moving on. 

As long as you stay resilient and creative in your job search, you will surely get the big break you’ve been working hard for. 


These are especially challenging times—even more so if you are trying to get your career back on track. However, you should know that you can overcome this low point in your professional life by working harder and putting yourself out there. You may not know it, but building a strong network may be just what you need to discover better opportunities and take your career to new heights! 

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