Landing an online job lets you change your life for the better and progress toward your career goal. But before receiving a job offer, you must get picked for and pass an online job interview. This recruitment stage determines if you are the perfect fit for the company you are applying for and provides you with an opportunity to decide if that job is the right one for you.

More companies are now choosing to transition to a partially- or fully-remote workforce due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, the competition can make your remote job hunting experience more difficult. 

If you’ve been continuously failing to make it to the online interview round, then there must be something wrong with your job application. Here are some possible reasons why you didn’t get chosen for an online interview:

1. You don’t have a professional online presence

Hiring teams are interested to learn more about you, and they are more likely to search for your name online. If you have a nonexistent professional online presence, you have lesser chances of standing out among the sea of other qualified applicants. 

Before submitting your job application, put your best foot forward and make a killer first impression by curating a solid professional online presence. Consider creating a professional website or online digital portfolio or optimizing your LinkedIn or Twitter profile. Make sure to add industry-related keywords to your bio and start engaging with companies and professionals to strengthen your remote job search.

2. Your career history is boring and generic

Using cliche or generic resume phrases will bore hiring teams. To keep your resume interesting and impressive, showcase what sets your skillset or work experience apart from other qualified applicants. 

Get all the right attention and keep them engaged and intrigued about you by using an active voice that delivers more impact instead of a passive one. Mention your concrete contributions rather than merely stating your previous job titles and help the hiring teams see exactly how your work experience makes you well-qualified to the position you are applying for. Don’t forget to get rid of cliche resume phrases and add your specific, unique selling points.

3. You failed to highlight your remote work experience

Online jobs usually require remote work experience. If you’re just entering the remote workforce, you will have to prove you have the necessary skills in using platforms the rest of the team uses. 

While you may not have a remote work experience yet, you can opt to show off your remote work skills instead. Create a resume section that highlights your skills in utilizing tools often used by remote workers, such as industry-specific software, file sharing and collaboration tools, messaging apps, and project management platforms.


Finally landing the online job interview you’ve been hoping for can be challenging due to the hiring process and tough competition. You don’t have much time to prove you’re the right candidate, but by following the tips and avoiding making common mistakes mentioned above, you can stick out as a strong contender for hiring teams and have a higher chance to get picked for an online interview.

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