The marketing industry continues to thrive as many businesses from various sectors look to them to entice target markets and consider other demographics. If you are looking to get serious in this line of work, you have various job opportunities to choose from. However, if you truly want to take advantage of longevity and career development, you may want to look into specific marketing fields. 

This article will discuss three main areas of marketing specialization that you may want to consider getting into this 2021. Take this as an opportunity to build up your skillset and professional connections, enabling you to find easy success and become a leading expert in the marketing industry. 

1. Market Research 

If you want to reach out to prospective customers and consider new markets, you cannot do so without the proper data collection and analysis. That’s because modern-day consumers have particular behavioral patterns and characteristics that can make them highly susceptible to certain marketing strategies. That’s where the right market research comes in, which continues to thrive as social media analytics, big data, and online advertising become more prominent enablers of this area of specialization! 

Market research is more methodical and data-driven than other marketing jobs for creatives, making it necessary among many companies with an advertising team. If you are considering a job in this, you need to have a knack for leading focus group discussions and be comfortable with handling data and going through the learning process for different analytical tools. 

2. Public Relations 

Most businesses and organizations want to have something that can represent their brand properly during press events, executive meetings, and other related affairs. At times, it can be tough to face the general public when representing something, especially during controversial happenings that can endanger the brand’s shareholders and investments. Fortunately, that’s what public relations professionals are trained to handle and so much more! 

There’s been a general rise in public relations jobs due to the higher demand for branding presence, primarily in the online space. You also need to have all-around professionalism as you put your speaking and writing skills to the test. 

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic has put restrictions on social gatherings, the public relations market continues to go strong since jobs from home are still possible. So if you are up for the challenge, consider venturing into this field! 

3. Advertising 

Even since the dawn of print media and the television industry, many companies look to advertising campaigns for establishing their marketable presence. Nowadays, those traditional media streams continue to be enduring job prospects for marketers. However, the big budget and high consumer interest for social media campaigns and online video content can be considered the new frontier for advertising, and that’s where you may want to be! 

Many marketing professionals opt for behind-the-scenes work for advertising. For instance, you can be a media buyer responsible for finding a timeslot and media space for optimized leads or an account manager who mediates between the client and the agency. As digital marketing continues to evolve, it’s fairly easier to find marketing jobs in this area! 


The marketing sector is filled with various jobs, but you may want to consider specific areas of specialization to forward your career. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what to look into this year. All you have to do is start your job search and study your career moves to make well-informed decisions! 

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